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Eco-Friendly Features

Our listings provide the following sustainable features. Each feature will only be mentioned on a listing if the business practices one or more of the items in each feature group.

Eco-friendly Toiletries

  • Bulk soap, shampoos, and lotions given to guests instead of individually packaged toiletries to cut down on waste.
  • Green Seal certified toilet paper, facial tissue, or paper towels in all rooms.
  • Biodegradable soaps and shampoos provided to guests.

Recycling Program

  • Recycle and/or compost waste.
  • Reclaim wastewater for other uses such as irrigation or toilet flushing.

Sustainable Housekeeping

  • Use of organic and biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Towel and sheet reuse program so guests can use these items for more than one day to reduce water usage.
  • Use of natural fiber sheets, linens, towels, and mattresses to reduce sensitivity issues.

Energy Saving Appliances or Fixtures

  • LED light bulbs for all the lighting fixtures in hotel because they last longer, are durable and energy efficient.
  • Installed energy efficient windows that improve insulation.
  • Energy efficient HVAC system.
  • Energy Star rated televisions and air conditioners in every room.
  • Energy efficient appliances in hotel kitchens and laundry rooms.
  • Highly insulated to discourage the escape of heat or air conditioning.

Renewable Energy Systems

  • Energy produced from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydropower, thermal).
  • Solar water heating system.

Water Saving Appliances and Fixtures

  • low flow toilets.
  • low flow shower heads.
  • aerators on bathroom sinks to reduce water usage.
  • water recycling systems that use grey water for other uses such as watering gardens or for toilet flushing.
  • Collecting and using rainwater for irrigation or accommodation use.
  • Water bottles or reusable drink ware used to reduce the need for single use bottled water.

Sustainable Building Materials

  • Use of renewable, local and sustainable materials for construction of the building.
  • Use of eco-friendly paint for interior and exterior.
  • Built and designed in a way to minimize impact on local environment.
  • Furniture made from sustainably sourced materials, such as reclaimed or recycled materials.

Sustainable Food Services

  • Use locally grown foods to support local farmers and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Use fish from sustainable fisheries.
  • Reusable dishes and utensils to reduce waste.
  • Grow their own organic ingredients in garden or farm.