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About Ecotourism

What is EcoTourism?


“Responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.”


Ecotourism Society 1991
“Travel to enjoy the world’s amazing diversity of natural life and human culture without causing damage to either.”


Trickell 1994

Important Characteristics of Ecotourism


  • Travel to natural destinations that are usually protected at the national, international, communal, or private level.

  • Build environmental awareness through education and interpretive programs.

  • Provide direct financial and economic benefits to environmental conservation and local people.

  • Operate low-impact facilities that are sustainably managed both culturally and naturally.

  • Minimize visitor impacts on the environment by keeping groups small enough to ensure minimum group impact on destinations.

  • Preserves and informs visitors about local and indigenous cultures.

  • Contributes to bettering human rights and the quality of life for local people.

  • Helps establish world peace by increasing international understanding and creating a universal respect for humans rights and freedoms.