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About Us

What We Do

Provide real ecotourism listings to responsible travelers!

Ecotripguru.com is an ecotourism business directory that helps responsible travelers plan their sustainable adventures. We know that sustainable tourism companies can be difficult to find, sometimes requiring hours of reading guide books and blogs. We are dedicated to making it easier for you to find ecotourism businesses that contribute to protecting the environment.

Every listing is carefully reviewed to make sure it meets our sustainability requirements. To see a full list of things we look for please visit our Eco-Friendly Features page.

Our Mission

Improve environmental conservation globally by promoting ecotourism.

Goals and Objectives

We aim to have an online platform where sustainable travelers and ecotourism operators can connect. We give ecotourism operators opportunities to promote their businesses no matter what their size.

Quality Standards

Every listing that is submitted on our website is carefully reviewed before it is published. Our review process verifies what eco-friendly features the business uses by carefully researching every listings feature before it is published. We aim to only list businesses that demonstrate a commitment to improving environmental, social and economic issues within their region.

Ecotourism and environmental conservation are very complex issues. We understand our website will not be able to solve all these issues. Nonetheless, we will always give our best in connecting businesses and travelers who care for the environment and local communities.

Samuel Cecere


Samuel Cecere is the founder of ecotripguru.com, the leading US based website directory that lists sustainable ecotourism businesses around the world. After traveling to the rainforests of Brazil and Costa Rica in 2017 and 2018, Sam realized how important ecotourism was in protecting the wild places we love and need. He noticed how difficult it was to find sustainable tourism businesses when planning his trips, so he decided to create a website that did just that. After a year of development and research, ecotripguru.com launched in 2020.

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Email: info@ecotripguru.com